Writing Down the Moon: Journal Prompts for the (August) Corn Moon


About the Corn Moon

New Moon: Aug 2
First Quarter: Aug 10
Full Moon: Aug 18
Third Quarter: Aug 25
Dark Moon: Aug 31

Sun Sign: Leo


I’ve heard it said that those born under the sun sign Leo are Drama Kings/Queens, but having a Leo child has taught me that it’s not so much about drama as it is about ENTHUSIASM; enthusiasm paired with extreme sociability. Leo energy is strong and vital, it’s full of optimism and excitement, and the desire to reach out and share this wonderful life-force with others.

This is the kind of high-energy you can expect from the August Corn Moon. Don’t fight it, take advantage of it. Take advantage of the momentum of the moon to get started on that project you’ve been thinking about. Invite some friends over for a get-together, say yes to the social invitations you receive this month. You may be yearning to make connections… Go out and do it! Just be careful not to exhaust yourself.

During this moon cycle the energy of the earth is that of fullness and completion. The grain crops are mature and almost ready for harvest. In agrarian cultures this is the beginning of the harvest season. It is a time of gratitude and reward for the hard labor put in during the spring and early summer.

This is a good time to: Be social, make contracts, interact with others in any setting, trust your wisdom and make decisions with confidence.

1st Quarter (Waxing Moon) Journal Prompt:

Whether we’re beginning a new creative project, business venture, or relationship, no path is without its obstacles and struggle. The Leo energy of the Corn Moon reminds us that sometimes the obstacles and struggle are the best part. Obstacles challenge and inspire us and the struggle makes us stronger. It is through them that we attain wisdom and experience.

What obstacles or challenges are you experiencing in your life right now? Are they exhilarating, or frustrating and disheartening? Why? If they are the latter, what can you do to turn that around?

Full Moon Journal Prompt:

A lot of research has been done in the past few years about the differences between introverts and extroverts. Leo energy is almost always an extroverted kind of energy, inspiring a desire for social interaction and connecting with others. For introverts this energetic social push can manifest itself as frustration–or even depression–if shyness prevents you from achieving the interaction you crave; while extroverts can find that the heightened enthusiasm of the Corn Moon can lead to over-booking themselves, and a case of quantity rather than quality of social interactions.

Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? Are you satisfied with the quantity and quality of your social interactions? Identify one or two things you might want to change about your social-self/social-life. What can you do to bring those changes into being in the next few weeks?

3rd Quarter (Waning Moon) Journal Prompt:

With this moon comes vibrant strength and motivation. You feel inspired, you feel energetic and wild, you feel like you can do anything! This energy makes it very easy to start a new project or habit, or get a second wind where your energy may have been lagging before; but this energy can also be like a freight train, insensible to nuance, subtlety, restraint, or refinement. We need both wildness and restraint in order to be healthy and successful–Nature strives for balance, and our lives are no exception.

How often do you feel out of control in your life? Do you make room for moments of wild abandon as well as moments of controlled productivity? In which of these areas do you feel you are most lacking? What can you do to bring more of one or the other–and thus bring balance–to your life?

Dark Moon Journal Prompt:

The high energy of the Corn Moon is useful and wonderful, but it’s hardly sustainable year-round. It would make us manic and exhausted! Leo energy will soon make way for the restful and balanced Virgo energy. But the memory of  Leo energy is always with us, ready to be brought forward when we need it.

What have you learned about yourself during the Corn Moon? Which gifts or strengths do you want to bring forward with you into the next lunation? How will you fit the Leo lessons into your life in the coming weeks and months?

Blessed Be!

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Grandmother Moon by Zsuzsanna E. Budapest; Harper Collins, © 1991
Moon Magic by D.J. Conway; Llewellyn Publications, © 1995
The DruidCraft Tarot by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm; St. Martin’s Press, © 2004


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