And So, Two Years Passed…

In books it is all too easy to gloss over a passage of time that has no relevance to the story; a line or two at the beginning of a chapter will suffice to inform the reader that a certain number of years has passed:

“This is not to be a regular autobiography: I am only bound to invoke memory where I know her responses will possess some degree of interest; therefore I now pass a space of eight years almost in silence…” –Jane Eyre

“The days of my youth, as I look back on them, seem to fly away from me in a flurry of pale repetitive scraps like those morning snow storms of used tissue paper that a train passenger sees whirling in the wake of the observation car.” –Lolita

“Nearly ten years had passed since the Dursleys had woken up to find their nephew on the front step…” –Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

The authors of these books were wise enough to know when it was best to let certain years remain silent, trusting that any important details would reveal themselves during the course of the continuing story; I shall endeavor to have a bit of that same wisdom here.

And so, two years (give or take) passed, in which life (my life) continued in much the same fashion that it always had… But a clever reader knows that life is never exactly the same from one day or week to the next, and so there are some changes. I have books on my shelves now that weren’t there two years ago, many of which I hope to share with you in the coming months. I have a new writing desk which looks out onto the backyard and the open, rolling hills beyond the fence–which has the effect of both inspiring and distracting me depending on the day. And I have a new blog url! one that I think is both easier to remember and better reflects the content of the blog and the personality of the blogger: I look forward to improving and personalizing it with bookish tidbits for myself and my readers.

In the past two years I have become a terrible Literary Magazine addict, keeping up five paper subscriptions (The Paris Review, McSweeney’s Quarterly Review, The Believer Magazine, Poetry Magazine, Brain Child) and four online (NY Times Review of Books, Wag’s Revue, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and Five Books.) In a world of ballet lessons, parent club meetings, legal writing and bill paying, it is these subscriptions (as well as all my bibliophile friends and acquaintances–both online and on the street) which keep me creatively challenged, sane, and connected to the world that I think of as my world. My readers can expect to read more about these inspiring publications–as well as book reviews, author news, and overbearing opinions on the reading and writing life in general–in future posts.

If you are reading this blog then I know that this world of books and words and ideas is your world too, and I look forward to exploring and sharing it together once more.

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